We're sorry, we don't have english version of registration form.

In order to buy a ticket please follow these instructions:

  1. Enter this link where you'll find czech registration form.

  2. In the field "Celé jméno" enter your full name, which can be used for further identification on Akicon's check-in.

  3. In the field "Email" enter your email address, where you'll get confirmation of your registration and payment information.

  4. In addition to the ticket you can buy a spot to sleep overnight in nearby gym. You can buy accomodation for friday night ("Přespání z pátku na sobotu") or saturday night ("Přespání ze soboty na neděli") or even both.

  5. Also you can order Akicon merchandise: we offer you Akicon mug (300 ml) or Akicon antistress ball (7 cm) which you'll get at venue after your check-in.

  6. Than please enter validation that you are not a robot :) and press "Odeslat".

  7. On the next page there is a summary of your order and notification that you have two weeks to pay your order. If you want to confirm your order press green button "Objednat", if you want to change something press red button "Zpět".

  8. Please notice that 1 EUR is 25 Kč.

  9. On the next page you are notified that your order was accepted ("Vaše objednávka byla úspěšně přijata.") and you can find some information for your payment there. Our bank account number ("Číslo účtu"), amount to pay ("Celková částka"), variable symbol ("Variabilní symbol", identifies your payment, for more information check wikipedia page) and a date to which we must receive your payment ("Uhraďte do:") othervise your order will be cancelled.

  10. We will send you the same information via email.

  11. If we won't get your payment after 10 days (It's four days to the cancellation of your order), we'll send you another email as a reminder.

  12. After we receive your payment you'll get another notification on your email. In attachment you'll find e-ticket which we recommend to print and bring to Akicon. It'll speed up your way through check-in.